Hello, I'm Adam 

I'm a writer and communications strategist. All my work is rooted in change. I am trying to make a positive impact myself and I am using my skills and experiences to help power up people and organisations that either want to change the world or at least live / operate with a stronger sense of Purpose.

I put this website together to try and gather in one place the various projects I am working on.

When I moved to Amsterdam in 2016, I saw the city’s nickname, A’dam, everywhere. Sharing my name with a place bubbling with the spirit of creative enterprise inspired me to also choose that name for my business. A'DAM is a communications consulting and content business. It provides strategy, branding, training and delivery for communications, as well as organisational and personal development consulting.

Before moving to a city situated below sea level (and therefore handily being reminded everyday of the urgency of the transition to a sustainable economy...) I lived in London. I was a national newspaper and magazine journalist before moving to PR and communications 12 years ago. I have won awards for both journalism and PR.

I am fascinated by the art of communications; how the right message to the right person can lead to real change. And I am energised by the opportunity to keep refining this skill in all my work. I am also motivated by my role as a cycling advocate (including as an advisor to BYCS and the global Bicycle Mayor programme), because of the way that increased cycling in towns and cities vastly improves health, community strength, resilience and environmental commitment.


I continue to write (see my books below) and occasionally take on journalism commissions on communications trends, social issues or cycling. Cycling has been a big part of my life since I pedalled across the USA in 2004 and found on those long roads my own purpose - to use the power of writing and communications to make a difference. 

I am also a Fellow of the RSA, a charity that works to drive positive social change. I have also publicly signed the Creative Climate Disclosure, pledging to only work on projects that affect change, and to disclose any climate conflicts. 

I work part time, providing (even if I say so myself) Grade A daddy daycare for part of the week to the cutest little toddler in the world. Fact. 

So… coffee?


I was honoured to provide this TEDx on how cycling transforms people and places.

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Finding Purpose in all my work

If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?

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