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The 5 Traits

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When you want to change the world, how do you get the world on board?


This is the communications playbook changemakers, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders everywhere have been waiting for. It uniquely guides you through the Five Traits of Influence, step by step. You’ll activate your purpose, identify your audiences, build your brand, construct a communications plan and master core skills. These skills cover behaviour change, body language, persuasive conversations, killer content, storytelling, writing craft, PR and TED-standard public speaking. 


Inside, you’ll find expert insights, practical tools and handy quick-reference summaries. Accompanying all this is your personal Influence Canvas, where you’ll plot your progress. Whether you’re flying solo or want to build up a business or movement, Influence will become your go-to coach for leading positive change through powerful communications.

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‘This book cracks the code on change communications – it’s timely, relevant and really well-written.’ 


—  Peter Gilheany, Forster Communications


The 5 Traits of Influence

If you want to change the way people think, feel and do, you have to deploy the 5 Traits of Influence. The book walks you through these step by step. They are:


Driven by a bigger cause, with a clear vision for a more positive future. Putting 'why' at the centre of everything.


A deep, empathetic understanding of your audiences (and how to connect with them), and supported by advocates and collaborators.


A consistent, recognisable personal and / or organisational brand and clear messaging on your offer that's easy to understand and act on.


Impactful actions,
built on knowledge of how you lead change. Seen in diverse, influential places, utilising your channels and evaluating success.


Confident and competent across core communication skills, from persuasive conversations and public speaking to writing, storytelling and media.


Tools and resources

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Download your free Influence Canvas

The Canvas allows anyone to plot their progress around the Five Traits of Influence. Download it in colour or download it with guidance notes and get going today.

Access other free tools

Tools from the book are freely available.

View or download them here.

Brand Archetype / Personality Tool

Audience Profile Tool

Purpose Finder

Communications Planner

Spike Planner

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is a complete playbook for entrepreneurs and changemakers to build communications strategy and skills, to grow brands and movements.

Check out my blog to find additional resources that couldn't fit in the book. This includes a guide to understanding Personality Types and a LinkedIn profile builder. More is being added frequently and will be shared in my newsletter.

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If you'd like to know more about how I can help you build your brand or profile with strategy and content, head to the site for A'DAM Communications.



The book contains insights and ideas shared by a number of brilliant people and organisations.

This includes:

Ashoka, Impact Hub, Ann Handley, the Sheila McKechnie Foundation, Dr Nadina Galle, Peter Gilheany / Forster Communications, Gareth Jones / The Drawing Board, Nick Parker / That Explains Things, Sjors Mahler /, Jennifer Mulder / The Health Sessions, Paul Greenep / lifework, Jon Woodrof / Twotone, Mariah Mansvelt Beck / Yoni.

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