Published by BIS, June 2021

When you want to change the world, how do you get the world on board?


Influence will improve the communications skills of changemakers, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders to increase their effectiveness. It breaks down the essential skills needed and provides guidance and tools to learn, practice and excel. It's your go-to communications coach.

Too often, people with big ideas or with enterprises that can affect positive change get stuck or fail because they can't cut through the noise and make an impact. Often the information on how to communicate powerfully is confusing or just not there. Influence uniquely brings together what you really need to know to get your message out there, to change the way people think and act. From personal branding, behaviour change and storytelling to practical skills like public speaking, PR and content writing, the book makes key insights accessible, immediately applicable and simple to master.


When there’s so much at stake, communicating well is one of the greatest skills we all need. So if you are preparing for your first TED talk, have an interview with the Times in the morning or have a great idea to pitch that could just change the world, Influence is for you.

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